Summer Lovin’, part two

Coloring together!  I like to see how Max’s scribbles are all over the place, and Emmy is staying in the lines. haha

Some oreo dessert from the kids’ favorite place to eat in town- Charley’s Pizza.

I took the girls to get a manicure before their big dance expo.

Here they are after the event…  they were SO proud to get a trophy.

A family shot from the night……  the only one, actually- hence, the closed eyes.

Here’s Max lounging at my Aunt Kay’s house while our family was trying to help her get some stuff moved out.  We weren’t actually that much help, I suppose, but the kids enjoyed playing with all her stuff. She moved to live with her husband in TX and we miss her so much! XOXO

I remember this afternoon quite well.  We were going to my parents’ house to eat dinner.  When we pulled in the driveway, Papaw met us at the car to tell the kids that the green beans “were ready”.  The kids bee-lined straight to the garden to check for themselves.  It was such a sweet moment.

Yes, the beans are ready!  They grabbed big hand-fuls and waited anxiously for my mom to get home from work to show her!  They had to meet her in the drive-way for the big announcement, too.

One thing we love about summer is eating the yummy, fresh fruit of the season.  Gran & Papaw always have something good to feed us.  Here’s Reagan enjoying a fla”mango”!

Emmy waiting for some watermelon…

Baby Max! haha  He climbed up in the baby carriage with a pretend bottle and blanket all on his own.

Emmy jumped on the chance of having a real baby to push around.

The baby sleeps…

She has quite a collection of babies come to find out…

Backyard fun-  Max loved for me to trace around his body and draw “clues” (from Blue’s Clue’s).

After a couple months, he finally learned how to push the peddle to make his JD lawn mower go.

We made a rainbow!  That is something to celebrate if you are a five-year-old little girl.

Cherry coke in the bath tub?  Yes, please!

We took a girls’ trip to Dolly Wood with Aunt Kay Kay.  We got her wet first thing on the River Rampage.  She was excited about it- not!

They had fun naming their carousel animals. haha  Aunt Kay had the pig to name!

I think we were all regretting our decision to ride the Ferris wheel after we were already on it.  haha

Random kid in the front- haha!

I love how they would wave almost every trip around on these little rides.  Hilarious.

Their favorite part about going to Dollywood- the face paint…

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