August in a flash!

It seems like August just flew right by.  Thankfully, it feels like we have really been sending summer off with a big bang!  I have loved every minute of it!  There are a lot of pictures here so hold on!  I have lots of home school pictures from the past few weeks coming soon.  🙂

Corn time at Granny and Papaw’s house-

The girls really got into helping this year.  They thought they needed glasses, too, to help see the silks.

Emmy at her ‘home away from home’.  (my childhood home)

Going for a ride with Papaw around the yard.

Reagan makes friends with a stray dog passing through.

You wonder how something of this magnitude starts out…  Maybe something like this- “Hmm, I think I’ll get every quilt, pillow, and blanket in this house and pile them all up together.” ?!?!

Emmy strikes twice in one day!! AHHHH!  She poured out my Clinique eye make up remover, B&B hand sanitizer, and hair wax to create a bath for her barbie mermaids.  Nice!

This boy always wears glasses upside down.

For months and months, Max has been known to get attached to random objects and carry them day and night, sometimes for days or weeks at a time.  He snagged this baster at the beach house on our vacation.  Here he is stilling carrying it close by back in TN!

Practicing baseball with Gran.

This day, I just had to get out of the house with them….  we only made it to the back deck, but hey, it was a change of scenery!  Our view is quite nice, I think.

Max drew a “CLUE” (pawprint from Blues’ Clues).

We moved our parakeet from Max’s room to the girls’ room.  It was like getting a new pet all over again.  Reagan spent lots of time trying to get Lucy to sit on her finger.

This boy and chocolate = bad combo!

Watching tv together like this…

Dad has this scooter at the house to work on it for my uncle. It has provided lots of good opportunities for pretend play and pictures.

Max has also become known for falling asleep in crazy places at unexpected times.  It is like he just goes really hard all day and then just crashes.  I loved this one because he put his legs in the girls’ doll’s sleeping bag.

Emmy all dressed up, exclaims, “It is a great day to get married!”

I took the girls for pedicures to celebrate the kick-off of home school.

This was really cute!  Reagan asked one of the workers’ daughters if she would like to paint her nails.  She played with Reagan until it was time for her to get the real pedicure.

Emmy was very calm the entire trip- which was a little out of character for her.  We were probably there two hours, and Emmy was super quiet and calm.  I think she was seriously just relaxing and enjoying the treat.  Reagan, on the other hand, was pretty hyper and excited.  She got tired of waiting on her pedicure to start and yelled out for all to hear (after about 45 minutes of soaking her feet) “My toes are gonna wrinkly like an old lady if someone doesn’t get over here!”  Times like these are when I am glad that her speech is hard to understand for some people. LOL  Finally, the lady came over to work on her toes.  Reagan tried to tell her at least 10-15 times that she wanted yellow polish and black polka dots.  The lady just seemed to be ignoring her and was nearing the end of the polishing when Reagan tells her one last time (in a frustrated voice) that she wanted black polka dots.  The lady turned around to me and said, “What is she saying?  I can’t understand her.”  I told the lady that she wanted black dots.  The lady turned to Reagan and apologized to her, explaining that she didn’t understand her.  Reagan quickly replies, “That’s okay, I can’t understand you either.”  (The lady is Korean, mind you…. )  I could have cracked up, and was glad again that the lady probably still didn’t understand what she just said.  Reagan continued to tell her that she didn’t understand Spanish.  Oh my, I was ready to get out of there by the time we got those black dots! haha

Attached to a football this day…

A 10 pm delivery of hot pound cake and peaches from Granny.  Yum!

We celebrated Nana’s birthday.

Super Emmy ready and dressed for bedtime.

She lined up all her princesses and ponies….

A trip to the park with Gran and Aunt Mona-

Me just having fun with my iphone-

Reagan dressed as Barney for her second halloween.  I have got every buck’s worth that I spent on that costume!  Max loves it.

Today, he loves the pretend mixer…

We also celebrated Uncle Wes’s birthday.  Blowing out the candles was a family effort.

Bedtime gets a little crowded sometimes…

And today, he loves a huge inflatable microphone…

Like we need one more large thing in our bed-

Barney eats home-made ice cream at Grans’ Sunday dinner.

Discovered the hiding opportunities in the cabinets.

Reagan had been outside on the deck one evening.  She came in and brought my iphone to me and shared that the sunset was so beautiful that she had to take a picture. Amazing, right?

A bottle and pot for bedtime…

Emmy’s go-to, show-off move on the swing set!

Sandbox in the country…

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