The Passy Fairy!

For quite some time now, I have been feeling pressure to wean Max and Emmy from their passys.  Sounds easy, maybe?  But truth be told, I had been dreading the day for a long, long time!  Anyone that knows them, knows that they love their passys dearly.

I was able to help explain the passy fairy to them a little bit by this video-

Here’s Emmy the last night with her passy (tears, my tears)-   I told her she needed to put her passy under her pillow, but she said no that she’d rather the passy fairy take it right out of her mouth! haha  She wanted to enjoy it right up until the last moment, I suppose.  Nothing wrong with that!!!

Max sleeping without his passy on night one-  (He fell asleep without it.)

The next morning, Emmy was just beside herself with excitement!!

A Hello Kitty toy- her favorite!!!  (Crazy hair, I know!)

Right about here was when I realized my first mistake- I only got Emmy a toy.   I didn’t get Max one because I knew he didn’t really understand the concept of the passy fairy, anyhow.  Reagan and Emmy immediately noticed that Max didn’t get anything!  It must have been an oversight, I suppose.  On my part and the passy fairy’s…

So morning two, Max and Emmy both got a gift.

By this point, Reagan was sharing how bored and “left out” she felt with her siblings getting surprises, but not her.  I could totally understand that, so I suggested writing a note to the passy fairy.  I wrote the words as she dictated them to me-

So you guessed it!  The next three mornings they all three got a surprise. (And Reagan got her ear muffs! haha)

It was like Christmas in September!!  Emmy and Max both did quite well parting with their passys.  We are at two weeks now without them!  Sounds like we’re almost ‘out of the woods”.  I feel sad that we have moved past the passy era, but I guess it was just time to say goodbye.  🙁

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