Week 2, Colors & Shapes

To kick off our colors/shapes theme, we all agreed on the color green to dress up in.

We used this little poem to help match colors to color words as well as reading color words.  We enjoyed coloring the cats, too!

Making shapes out of play dough…

A peek at our ABCs and Word Wall.  The letters came from hobby lobby.  We have collected them and painted them off and on over a year.  We finally have the set complete.

Our family name chart has been one of the single-most effective teaching tools over the past year.  Reagan has learned many letters and sounds from associating them with family members’ names.

Even Emmy will use it as a resource when she wants to write a family member’s name.

Reagan does an activity once a week called “Write Around the Room”.  I give her paper on a clipboard and she has to write ten words of her choice from around the room.  This has been good for word recognition, writing, and counting.

Reagan matches together rhyming words.

This little book is one of my favorites.  We did a quick art project based on the story to show how you can mix colors to make new colors.

We visited the Caryville Public Library for story time.  This particular day they had special guests to do a Christian-based puppet show.  The girls enjoyed watching and participating.

Reagan reported to “work” at the animal shelter…

They got to help bathe a dog.  That was fun!

Reagan was so passionate about her time with the kittens at the shelter, we decided to check out a book from the library on kittens to do some “Cat Research”.  Even though I am trying to stick to a basic routine and weekly theme, I try to always take time to build on our experiences and follow her interests.  I think that is when children have the most valuable learning experiences, anyhow.

We read the book.  We used a copy machine to copy her favorite pictures and then she chose words from the story to write for her “research”.

We got a year family pass for The Ponderosa Zoo!    They love visiting the Ponderosa Zoo, and it is a quick “field trip” so why not?

Carl the Camel

Ponies, Dolly and Pumpkin!

All the kids love riding the ponies- Max especially.  I now know that every time I put him on one of the ponies, I will soon after experience him crying like he is dying as I try to pry his legs off the pony and drag him outside the corral.

We did a “Make a Rainbow” experiment!  I found two books (both fiction and non-fiction) at the library that explained this concept very well.

I found some neat ready-made projects for super cheap prices at Oriental Trading.

They stamped out their names and sight words.

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