Week 10, Apples, Pumpkins, & All Things Fall

Well, here goes nothing!  I am SO behind on blogging which makes me sad since I was doing such a good job keeping everything up to date.  I had dropped my iphone in water and lost several pictures and videos (thank goodness for Instagram!) and then jumped right into my busiest season for my photography business.  I had to prioritize and personal blogging fell low on my list.  So, I’m back again to pick up the pieces where I left off and keep trudging along!  (This post is from the second week of Oct. 2012.)

One of the many reasons that Emmy would rather be at Gran & Papaw’s house…

Our regular Tuesday trip to the Caryville Public Library Storytime…

A walk at the park (chilly day) to collect leaves…

Our weekly visit to the Animal Shelter-

This little frog was taking my blood pressure in this picture.

We used our leaves from the park to talk about the parts of a plant and their functions.

We also used some to decorate the playroom-

And this date is one to go down in Stanfill history (10.16.12)-  “the day Emmy cut her own hair”!  We had all been in the playroom working on activities when I had to step upstairs for a moment (LITERALLY, Just, ONLY a moment).  When I returned, I quickly noticed first some clippings of hair in the floor and then next the green handled children’s scissors close by.  THEN, I noticed that chunks of Emmy’s beautiful hair style were missing.  It quickly went downhill from there.  Here she is after she cried herself to sleep in time-out.  Did I over-react?  Possibly.  Probably.  But at the time, I felt so mad at her for doing something that I had preached about not doing on several occasions.

No, her hair isn’t behind her ear here!  It is long gone.  A nice chunk, right?

She also cut some other chunks leaving some sections of pretty short hair.

Here we are on the way to the salon to get it “fixed”.  The guilt had set in by this point- she didn’t want to look at me for the picture!

Yep, Emmy had to do what I would imagine might be a child’s “Walk of Shame” through the salon door and into the chair.  She had her little pink leotard/dance costume on and marched right in.

She was feeling happier about herself after leaving the salon.  She later confessed that she wanted “to cut her hair like Megan does”.

Next day—-Puppet show- Emmy’s babies also attended (see them lined up on hopscotch rug?)…

Aunt Kay arrived for her visit to TN.  The kids were SOOOO happy to see her.  It was sweet to watch them greet her!

Here’s a video of the homecoming!  (Make sure you turn off blog music on right sidebar before playing!)  I would have lost this video altogether, but had thankfully sent it to my brother!  He was able to send it back to me.  It is lower resolution than the original version, but at least I still have it!

SuperMax crashes-

Here’s Reagan practicing her sight words.  I have a list of them written out in this spiral-bound index card notebook.  She gets to flip through the pages and add a sticker when she reads the word correctly.

Reagan’s writing-  She likes to write about cats and things that are red since she can spell “red” and “cat”! haha

Emmy had a “photo shoot” with my iphone and this baby and cat.  I had about 30 images (at least) that looked just like this one on my phone.

We enjoyed this pumpkin life cycle activity.

We graphed our family members’ favorite color of apple.  It was a fun, hands-on lesson!

We visited the local pumpkin patch and enjoyed their special activities.

Papaw Clear tagged along with us.  He thought the whole concept of the Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze was pretty amazing.

They came home to strawberry-dipping fun at Papaw & Gran’s.  YUM!

Reagan’s weekly artwork from Thursday Connection-

Here’s some end-of-the-week Dixie love and reading in the backyard!

We attended the Shriner’s Circus in Knoxville.  It has become a yearly tradition.  The kids had a great time!

I love this Sunday morning tub shot!  Max’s smile just says it all!

He was zapped after our Church homecoming.  He wouldn’t let me take his hat or tie off for his nap!

And late Sunday night, pillow case sleeping bags…

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