Week 12, All Things Fall cont.

We did a lot of hands-on, outdoor learning this week!  I guess this is one of the benefits of homeschool- lots of nature walks, zoo visits, etc.!  The weather was just too awesome not to be outside having fun.

(4th week of Oct.)

The girls collected ALOT of acorns at Gran & Papaw’s house…

…and climbed a few trees while they were at it!

Emmy has the craziest morning hair!

Emmy dressed herself for Tuesday storytime!

We checked this book out at the library and read it at the park.  The book actually talked about tracking geese as they migrate each year. Cove Lake Park always has some geese hanging around.  Reagan was able to see and understand how they tag the geese and track their migration.

We went for a rather long walk.  We collected more leaves, observed “fungi” growing, checked out how some logs were rotting, checked out root systems on trees…..  lots of topics!

She thought these leaves looked like elephant ears.

Aunt Kay Kay tagged along for our Rickard Ridge Baked Potato and walk at the park!  It was a GORGEOUS day.

A beaver dam-  (seeing this was extra cook because we had just read a book on animal homes)


Emmy and Reagan had brought a caterpillar from home along on our Tuesday adventures.  Poor thing-  I don’t know how many times they dropped their bug cage, but it was probably enough to do a little caterpillar in!

Emmy got tired and also fell on our way out of the woods loop.  Aunt Kay Kay got suckered into carrying her the rest of the way out.  Only Aunt Kay Kay!

Dinner at Charley’s Pizza!  Anyone who has kids knows that eating at Charley’s isn’t actually about the pizza-

I had had a package come in the mail.  Max, of course, loved the cardboard box.  This is him literally in the middle of the night.  He actually woke up and walked through the house in the dark until he found the box.  I had to carry it back to bed for him, and he went back to sleep.  I’m telling you this kid is sometimes weird.  haha

A mid-week trip to the Ponderosa Zoo!

Here’s a couple videos from the zoo trip-  (turn blog music off before playing videos)

Aunt Kay Kay tagged along for Thursday Connection.  Here’s Emmy enjoying a piece of pizza for her breakfast!

Rea’s art-

Playing & waiting for Rea to get out of class-

A trip to Chuck E. Cheese-

We took the dogs to the LaFollette City Park for a quick family outing.  You can see the stamp from Emmy’s gymnastics class on her nose!

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