Week 14, Presidential Election & Healthy Eating

Pictures from 11/5/12 to 11/11/12

This week we talked a lot about the Food Groups and eating balanced meals.  We also spent a day focusing on the Presidential Election.

We played a game that focused on recognizing Vowels called “Boom Boom Vowel”.

IMG_7979 IMG_7983 IMG_7991 IMG_7996

This night was so fun!  Reagan and Emmy dressed up as waitresses in the playroom.  They explained the food groups to me, Max, and daddy.  Then they gave us a menu.  We told them what we wanted, Reagan wrote it down, and then they served us with the pretend food from their kitchen center.  It was really a great time of learning and laughter.

IMG_7999 IMG_8009 IMG_8010 IMG_8016


When it was all over, Reagan brought a bill out to her daddy for 100.00 dollars.  She is quite witty at times.


Emmy gave us a little post-dinner concert.


And then, daddy taught them how to play “spin the bottle”.


Rea’s first spelling test- the “at” family words.


We try to do one “mini book” a week.  Rea colors them and puts them together.  She has to read the story to at least 3 different people and get their signature on the back of the book.  She enjoys it a lot.IMG_8040

Trip to the Caryville Public Library Story time-


Presidential Eleciton day 2012- Romey VS. Obama Activities


IMG_8035 IMG_8054 IMG_8056 IMG_8058

The girls had mock ballots that they used to vote with.  They both voted for Romey.  Reagan went with her daddy to vote so she got to see first hand how the process works.  She even watched tv as the results came in.

Max didn’t much care about the election.  He voted to paint!


Morning smiles-

IMG_8072 IMG_8083

Animal shelter stop-


Thursday morning sleeping in the bathtub-


Thursday Connection- Every week they have to check on the goldfish.


Rea’s art from the week- Van Gogh’s Starry Night with a Twist


I stopped by the DR. on the way home from Knoxville that day because I was sick.  They, of course, took advantage of having a real medical setting to play Dr.



Practicing beginning sounds-

IMG_8113 IMG_8116

An after-church car picture on Friday night-


Saturday, I had to work, but Daniel texted me this picture.  The kids were having a little snack time with Aunt Kay Kay! They were missing her so bad at time time since she had just went back to Texas.


Another shot my dad texted me while I was at work.  They kids played in the leaves at Gran and Papaw’s house.  Reagan said it was “the most fun ever”.


Sunday afternoon dinner at Gran’s house.  I was practicing the panoramic feature on my iphone!


Tree climbing at Gran and Papaw’s


Cousin Roston was helping them out a bit-


We worked in the playroom doing a bit of cleaning an organizing that afternoon.  We re-created the reading center of the room.  Max enjoyed it!


A panoramic shot that shows almost all of the playroom…


This is how we invite our buddies to church (via text).  🙂



A quick clip that I caught…  You always wonder what might be going on when your children are laughing hysterically behind a closed door in the dark-

(turn blog music off right sidebar before playing video)

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