Week 16, Thanksgiving

Pictures from 11/19/12 to 11/24/12

We braved a picture session with the kids in their Christmas outfits.  They actually did really well and looked adorable (besides Max falling NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE and skinning his knees/ripping his khaki pants on the pavement).


Worn out after pictures.IMG_8436

Mimicking Gran-IMG_8444

Story time at the library-IMG_8453

Books we read-

IMG_8733 IMG_8734 IMG_8735 IMG_8736 IMG_8737

Lunch at Rickard Ridge (we always get a huge baked potato)IMG_8456

It was awesome for them to have the park to themselves on a beautiful day and get to be around all the geese after having talked so much about bird tracking and migration.IMG_8459





We have been learning different “chunks” (common letter combinations that make certain sounds).  It seemed only appropriate to talk about the “oo” sound.  haha  You can beat this for hands-on learning.IMG_8473

A trip to Lowe’s to get two new Christmas inflatables (they used their own birthday money)!  IMG_8483

We picked out our Christmas tree.IMG_8491

Checking out the crown molding at Nana and Papa Dave’s house!IMG_8495


Finished tree-  We don’t really have a theme like most people for our tree.  We have a fun collection of ornaments that we have collected since we were married, hmmm, almost 8 years ago.  I enjoy adding the kids’ home-made ornaments each year, too.




Popcorn and Movie




Reagan’s newest hobby- a weaving loom for potholders.  She made one for all her favorite people for Christmas.


A must-have balloon at Food City (according to Max)!  When did balloons get so expensive anyhow?  I don’t even like Sponge Bob.IMG_8530

A yummy snack for the kiddos.  My parents used to always make “fruit plates” for my brother and I growing up.  Here’s to trying to keep some traditions alive-


This is my Thanksgiving post, but I actually don’t have any pictures from Thanksgiving.  My phone had some issues that day so I was so wrapped up with trying to get it repaired that I didn’t get any pictures on Thanksgiving.  The day before, we visited Nana and Papa Dave’s house for a meal and then on Thanksgiving day we went to my Uncle Rick’s house for a meal, too.  It is always a blessing to get to be with family and fellowship over a good meal.  We are blessed to have a multitude of people to share holidays with.

My parents went with me and the kids to the Fantasy of Trees in Knoxville on Black Friday.  We have went the past several years and now it has become a tradition.  The kids have so much fun!  I love it, too.  It just seems like a perfect way to kick off Christmas, and I hope we are able to go and support the event for years to come.photo(24)








A good picture with Santa!?!?  Too good to be true!

santa shot

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