Fall Pictures ’13

My friend Megan did these gorgeous pictures of me and the kids in October.  After I spent a lot of time and effort coordinating outfits, she worked her magic creating these images that will always be priceless to me!  Seriously, you cannot put a price on these.  I will always cherish them! XO

GLP_1642 GLP_1648 GLP_1655 GLP_1713 GLP_1714 GLP_1741 GLP_1747 GLP_1751 GLP_1755 GLP_1758 GLP_1760 GLP_1771 GLP_1781 GLP_1789 GLP_1790 GLP_1793 GLP_1795 GLP_1813 GLP_1817 GLP_1818 GLP_1821 GLP_1831 GLP_1835 GLP_1847 GLP_1850 GLP_1855 GLP_1862 GLP_1866 GLP_1876 GLP_1879 GLP_1883 GLP_1884 GLP_1888 GLP_1890 GLP_1896 GLP_1898 GLP_1902 GLP_1903 GLP_1905 GLP_1913 GLP_1914 GLP_1915 GLP_1920 GLP_1927 GLP_1928 GLP_1966 GLP_1967 GLP_1973 GLP_1985 GLP_1995 GLP_1996 GLP_2023 GLP_2030 GLP_2031 GLP_2032 GLP_2038 GLP_2057 GLP_2058 GLP_2060 GLP_2064 GLP_2069 GLP_2071 GLP_2080 GLP_2081 GLP_2082 GLP_2083 GLP_2084 GLP_2094 GLP_2095 GLP_2108 GLP_2111 GLP_2122 GLP_2127 GLP_2131 GLP_2139 copy


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