The Girls’ Lemonade Stand Portraits – Sept. ’13

I took these pictures of my beautiful girls!  These are some of my favorites of them.  Emmy was 4, and Rea was 6!

6B7A3476 6B7A3479 6B7A3484 6B7A3488 6B7A3496 6B7A3504 6B7A3505 6B7A3515 6B7A3525 6B7A3553 6B7A3558 6B7A3569 6B7A3588 6B7A3589 6B7A3596 6B7A3600 6B7A3608 6B7A3610 6B7A3622 6B7A3628 6B7A3660megan 6B7A3697megan 6B7A3701 6B7A3705megan 6B7A3715 6B7A3725 6B7A3740 6B7A3758 6B7A3770

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