Our Day out with Thomas

Back in May, I sort of decided on a whim to get tickets for the kids to go spend the “Day out with Thomas” in Chattanooga at the TN Valley Railroad.  I just thought I was purchasing train tickets.  Little did I know they would get to enjoy so many fun and free activities.  We spent the entire evening at the railroad, and the kids absolutely had a ball!

On the way, we stopped in Athens, TN to visit the Mayfield Dairy Farm, but they were closed.  We still had fun with Maggie the cow, though!

We kicked off our Thomas adventures with the big bubble blowing… (they loved it!)

The petting zoo was a hit.  Max, of course, had NO fear.  He picked up a chicken and almost rode a goat.

None of the kids really like Sir Topam Hat, but it looked like a good photo op! haha  They certainly seemed to enjoy the moment.

Yummy home-made ice cream shakes made by that contraption thingee in the background.

1st putt putt experience.   Looks like they are not so much naturals at the sport…

Photo op…  No, I didn’t expect them all three to look and smile at the same time.  Who would expect that?

Eyes closed, but only shot with mommy…

The kids probably enjoyed riding the train the least of all the activities. Who would have thought?

A little entertainment from Mr. Billy!  Reagan and Max jumped right into the audience participation.  Emmy, not so much!

A bounce house to themselves!  SOOOO fun!

And we finished off the night at the new Melting Pot in Chattanooga for a late dinner.  It was Mother’s Day weekend so we indulged!  Emmy was impressed with all the utensils.

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