Max’s 2 Year Portraits

Here’s a few of my favorites of Max’s 2 year mini session with mommy (July 2012)!  Poor guy can’t even get a regular session on the books these days! hehe  I loved this little outfit and wanted it for his pictures.  He hasn’t worn it anywhere else because it is white linen and he is a two year old boy.  (the two just don’t mix!)

He is mommy’s baby and he knows it.  He’s living it up in his terrible twos.  When he’s sweet, he is soooo sweet…..and when he’s bad, well, he’s pretty darn bad.

I will always treasure these because of his little curls.  My baby boy’s curls and sweet, sweet smile.  Love him.

At two, he loves to carry random objects for varying lengths of time (sometimes days).  Some of these items include- kitchen utensils, vacuum attachments, balls, large inflatable microphones, a notebook with crayon, etc.  Out of all of these, though, his main security object is my hair! He has always loved my hair and likes to hold onto it.  Even at night while he is sleeping, he will reach for my hair.  He also likes getting a bed time “ba ba” (bottle).  He usually gets one during church, too, to help keep him quiet.  He has not been using a passy for a couple weeks now, and I think it has been a tough adjustment for him.  He has seemed less settled, harder to calm, and more restless to me.

He calls me “Monee” (m-on-ee).  He can say “Daaaaaaa”  (day), “Mimee” (mim-eee), and “Rea Rea”!  He is talking a lot and saying lots of phrases like “thank you”, “where’d it go?”, “there it is”, and “what we gonna do?”.

He is working towards potty training.  For about six months now, he had been going ‘pee pee’ in the potty about twice a day.  Now that he is communicating better, I think it will be time to really focus more on training before long.

He loves being active- running, riding, climbing, throwing, kicking, etc.  He enjoys painting, knocking down towers, looking at books with mommy, playing in sand, and harassing his sisters.  Some of his favorite movies are “Barney Egg”, “Rapunzel”, and “Clue Clue’s”.

He likes to eat hot dog weiners (his favorite), jello, strawberries with sugar, watermelon, Gran’s mashed potatoes, mac ‘n cheese, spaghetti, and tacos.

Ironically, he’s into hitting/pinching/biting but also gives really sweet kisses with big, pooched out lips.

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