Summer Lovin’, part one

I am gonna try to give a re-cap of our summer in two or three posts.  So here goes nothing.

Here’s a funny one to start with-  I walked in the bathroom upon this scene.

We LOVE bath time at our house.  I mean, LOVE.

Here’s Max wearing his daddy’s old cowboy boots for the first time.  He really enjoyed them.

He started using the potty 2-3 times a day!! Yay for him.  Here he is trying out big boy underwear for the first time.

Getting ready for summer with some new shades….  (they really belong to his big sis)

Here we are having fun capturing the crazy big “Super Moon”.  (Although it doesn’t look too big here!)

I took the kids to a playgroup.  Max loved eating the paint.  I was reminded of why I don’t take them many places on my own.

The girls had a dentist appointment.  We celebrated no cavities by visiting Froyoz.

Emmy loves baby dolls.  She has been more into dolls than Reagan ever was..  And here she is holding her “yellow cup that looks like a bottle”!  Ever since we cut the bottles out of bedtime, she wants this particular cup because she thinks it is like a bottle.

Our first trip of the year to Dollywood…  🙂

Riding with Aunt Mona-

My cousin Brycen got saved and baptized.

She caught her first lighting bug of the season.

Max hanging out in mommy’s office- playing with some post-its.

Reagan decided it was time to compensate Papaw for all his hard work…

Turning guitar cases into horseys… we’re all about some imagination!

Some family block time…  Max was trying to sabotage the tower…

Reagan and our babysitter Hailie found a little frog in the backyard.

Emmy found a key! haha  She was pretty excited about it.

Hello Kitty girl!

“The Garden Girls” (my mom and her sisters) enjoying a happy hour drink from Sonic after working hard in the family garden.

Summertime means wearing swim suits everyday, no matter what!

Here’s Max trying to shoplift his favorite snack from Wal-Mart (funyuns chips).

Oh my.  This picture almost requires its own post. I am embarrassed and cracked up all at the same time.  In fact, I think I will just wait and post about this at another time and share the “rest of the story”.  haha

Pool time at Granny and Papaw’s house.

Here are the girls at one of their last dance practices of the year.

Emmy thought this was a good idea.  It was cute until I was driving down the road and was totally freaked out when I caught a glance of a baby in the back.

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