September 2012…. that’s a wrap!

A significant milestone of this month was getting Max a haircut (more than just a snip snip)!  It took me a couple days to get used to it, but he is just as cute! Look at that rotten face…

Emmy got her regular trim.  She asked for some curls!

This is the shortest I have ever had Reagan’s hair cut!  I think it suits her just fine!

I shopped at the Duck Duck Goose consignment sale in Knoxville and got Max three costumes…  ALL of which I was pretty excited about!  A monster (fitting, lol), Blue’s Clues (his fav!), and Super Man (Super Max!)….  He loved them all!  Here’s Super Max at bedtime.

Blue in the morning-

Monster at Bedtime-

Monster in the morning-

A visit to the park for our little friend Dylan’s birthday party…

A bike ride with Gran and Papaw at the park-

Daddy took the girls to a Campbell County football game.  They really enjoyed it, I think!

Looking cute on the way to church-

Daddy made a pretty special tent for the kids to play with.  The girls both slept one night in their sleeping bags under the tent!

This picture was taken at 5:56 AM on our Thursday trip to Knoxville day.  haha  Sleepyheads.

No caption needed here.  He did put his lollipop in the back compartment….

We walked to Gran’s Sunday afternoon dinner this beautiful day.  It was quite pleasant minus the aroma coming from the cow pasture.  One might ask where is Emmy?  Well, she practically lives at my mom’s house.  We have to either make or beg her to come home.  (at least it is basically next door)

Playing under the same trees I played under as a kid!  (love)

A boy and a big stick….

I remember swinging Rea under this tree in a baby swing when she was like six months old…..  She’s getting to be such a big girl.

A usual “after church, Sunday dinner” spread that brings our whole family together.  We all love eating at my mom’s and are blessed by the fellowship, too.  I am thankful that she has always made this a priority.

Hanging with the cousins-

And I finally gave in and skipped my Sunday afternoon nap to clean Max’s room and switch out his summer clothes to fall/winter ones.  What a job!  I’ve yet to make it next door to his sisters’ room.  I did re-discover something, though.  If you want a child to play in his/her room, just clean it and put everything in its place.

Here’s to a happy, blessed September!

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